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  • 13 in 1 Audio/Video Cable Tester

    Compatible with 6.35mm jack, 3/5/7/8 pin DIN, RCA, 3/5 pin XLR, 4P and 8P Speakon, Banana plugs, RJ45 and USB. A quick and easy way to confirm lead integrity. Constructed from a steel case it is built to withstand the rigours of...

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  • Gefen DVI Detective Plus

    Gefen DVI Detective Plus

    Key Features • Quick and easy way to store EDID information from any DVI display • Supports resolutions up to 1920x1200, 2K & 3840x2400 (Dual Link) • 5 preset EDIDs are available through DIP...

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  • Gefen HDMI Detective Plus

    Gefen HDMI Detective Plus

    Key Features • Supports resolutions up to 1080p Full HD & 1920 x 1200 • USB port for advanced EDID management programming • Selectable HDCP pass-through, DDC...

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  • HDMI Cable Tester

    This compact unit tests continuity in HDMI leads. It detects faulty wiring which is indicated by the LED display. Simply connect one end of the pre-terminated cable to the main unit and the other end of the cable to the remote unit. The display scrolls...

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  • LAN Tester and Multimeter combo

    DM1000 | LAN Tester 2 in 1 LAN tester & multimeter is a innovative that allows the user easy to measure DC/AC Voltage/Current, Resistance , Continuity, diode and verify the cable continuity, open short,...

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  • Liberty CatMaster Tool Kit

    Liberty CatMaster Tool Kit

    Features and Benefits Modular Plug Crimp and Cut action for EZ-RJ45 4P4C through 8P8C Formats (RJ9/RJ11/RJ45) 75% better Connector Support to reduce issues Cable Stripping Blades in Handle Works on standard non-CatMaster...

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  • Light Level Meter with USB

    Light Level Meter with USB

    %%Panel.IconsBasic1Y%% ST8809A provides accurate display light level in terms of Foot candles (FC) or LUX over wide range. Just turning the function switch to select the "lux" scale and setting the range to desired range, then moving the photo detector...

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  • Microwave Leakage Meter

    %%Panel.IconsBasic1Y%% The meter is a high quality consumer product with the most newly developer technology that utilizes an advanced sensor for detecting the microwave leaking from the microwave oven. The highly sensitive sensor can detect the...

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  • Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer

    Features: Non-contact Body InfraRed Thermometers Very simple to use, it reads the body temperature instantly and without contact. Thermoflashis particulary efficient for taking the temperature of newborn babies andvery young children. From a distance of...

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  • RG6 / RG59 Hex Crimp Tool

    Heavy duty manual hex crimper for: PR0940, PR0972, PR0974, PR1300 & PR1305 "F" type connectors.  Hex size crimps: 8.2mm (RG59), 9.12mm (RG6)  Reliable operation, non adjustable type with solid head  Length:...

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