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Home Theatre Projectors

Every home theater is unique.  If you have specific questions about your setup, we strongly recommend running them by one of our highly knowledgeable Home Theatre Techsperts. Call us at 1300 967 244

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The AV Australia Home Theater Projector Buyer’s Guide

How bright should my projector be?  Brightness refers to the amount of light to projector produces to make the picture. This is an important factor if the room you plan to install the projector into a room with ambient light present. Extra brighness will be required for the image to be visible. It is also good to remember that the bigger the screen, the more brightness you will require to maintain a good bright image. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens*. 

Home theater projectors generally start out at about 1000 lumens and range upwards to 2500 lumens and more. Your viewing environment is the deciding factor on how many lumens your projector needs.  Dedicated home theaters (rooms with controlled lighting and no ambient light) will not require as much brightness as a space with ambient light from windows or other household lighting.