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When will I get my items?

Orders are generally processed within 24 hours.

This process includes:

  • Fraud Checking
  • Payment Processing
  • Invoicing
  • Warehouse Order
  • Stock allocation
  • Shipment Detail Printing
  • Courier Dispatch

On a rare occasion where stock has run out due to demand we will let you know if there will be a significant wait time. Your funds will not transfer until we have allocated stock to ship. We do try to ensure that products that are out of stock are removed from the site until they are available for purchase again. From time to time demand exceeds availability and stock levels may deplete before we can remove them. In some instances we may offer an alternative or upgrade as a suggestion. Order cancellation is an option for customers where we cannot fill the order due to unusual circumstances.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been dispatched onto courier transport, we will receive tracking details. These details are added to your order and can be accessed by logging into your account on our website. Once Logged in, click on "View Order Status" to see your order details. if you are unable to find your tracking details, Please free call us on 1800 818 360.

How do I find out the status of my order?

To access your Order status, login to your account on our website. Once Logged in, click on "View Order Status" to see your order details.

Do I have to be present when my package is delivered?

It is always best to be present when your package is delivered. This allows you to carefully inspect the parcel for any damage and ensures that you receive your parcel. If you are unable to be present for the delivery, someone else may sign for the parcel on your behalf. Please make sure that they inspect the parcel for damage as the courier will need to note any damage at the time of delivery.

In general, Couriers deliver parcels from 9am to 5pm.

The best way to ensure you receive your parcel is to have it delivered to your workplace.

What are the different status of my order?

Awaiting Payment

Your order has been placed, but payment has not been processed yet. If you have paid by credit card, we have not yet approved the order. We check each order carefully to ensure that no fraudulent cards are processed. If you are paying by Direct Debit, we have not yet received your remittance or confirmation of payment.

Order awaiting fulfillment

Payment has been taken and order has been entered into our invoicing system.

Awaiting shipment

Order shipment request sent to warehouse. Your parts are being allocated to your order.

Partially Shipped

Some of your items have been shipped while the remainder of your parts are still awaiting shipment. This may be due to an item being on back order or simply being shipped from another warehouse.


All the parts on your order have been dispatched onto courier transport.


Your items are on backorder and will be shipped to you as soon as they become available.


Your items have not arrived into stock yet and will be shipped as soon as they become available.


Your Items have been shipped and should now be received. If you have not received your items, please check your tracking details or free call us on 1800 818 360.

What courier do you use?

We use various couriers for shipping our orders. Below are the ones we use the most.

Australia Post

Star Track Express

Australian Air Express


Where will my order ship from?


What do I do if my parcel arrived damaged?

If you receive a parcel that has any damage, it is very important that you get the delivery person to make a note of the damage on the delivery slip before you sign for the item. Even if the damage is only slight, there is no way of knowing for sure that the item inside is undamaged. Once you remove the item from the packaging, inspect it for physical damage and make notes of any apparent damage. If when you use the product, you have any issues, Please notify us of the problem and we will get a replacement unit organised.

How do I enter a coupon code?

Coupon Codes can be applied to your order in two locations.

Shopping Cart

When on the Shopping Cart page, The code can be entered at the top right hand side of the page. (see below)


Order Confirmation

When checking out, The code can be entered at Step 4. Order confirmation. (see below)

Order Confirmation Coupon Entry

Warranty and Returns

How do I request a return?

If you would like to request a return, you can do so from our website. Simply login to your account on our website and go to the "Complete Orders" Link. Your Complete orders will show in this window with the Request Return Option. Fill in the details and provide in the comments any serial numbers and an extended description of why you are requesting a return.

How do I make a warranty claim?

There are two ways you can claim warranty on your item.

Manufacturer Direct

This is the quickest method as you are dealing with the repairer direct.

Warranty claim details are provided in the documentation of the product.

Through Us

If you prefer, we can follow up your warranty. This process may take a bit longer than direct with the manufacturer as we will be dealing with the manufacturer.

Please free call us on 1800 818 360 if you would like to discuss your options further.

Will my item be repaired or replaced?

Unfortunatly we do not decide if the item will be repaired or replaced.

In General, if the items is less than a month old, most manufacturers will replace the item. You may demand a replacement but we cannot guarantee that you will receive a replacement. You can contact the manufacturer direct if you are unhappy with their verdict.