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Cable Management

  • Black Grey

    60mm Desk Grommet

    These work well for bringing cables through the roof for a projector.  The desk grommet is the perfect way to easily and neatly store your power, communication, audio, video, computer and data cables.  It is ideal for installation in desks,...

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  • Doss 6Pk Wire Clip Cable Organiser

    Doss 6Pk Wire Clip Cable Organiser

    Wire Clip Cable Organizer  Ideal for permanent bundling or fastening of cables, wires, pipes, tubes For indoor and outdoor use Single use closure, cannot be opened with double sided foam tape x 6 Nylon 66 Adhesive...

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  • Doss Nylon Velcro Cable Ties (15 Pack)

    Doss Nylon Velcro Cable Ties (15 Pack)

    Hook and Loop cable ties made of Nylon P. P material supplied in Polypacks of 15 Ties, 3 of each colour illustrated. Excellent for binding cables & patch leads and won’t effect the transmittance performance that can...

    $7.99 - $8.90
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